Friday, February 24, 2012


Today is a special day in our family. Today we are celebrating my husband’s 35th birthday. My husband often worries that he hasn’t “done enough” with his life. That he is wasting his potential. That he isn’t living up to the person God intended him to be.

On July 1st of last year we found out that Eli was going to be born with club foot, kidney issues, and potentially Downs Syndrome. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office sobbing uncontrollably. And there was my husband, the rock. Holding me, letting me know it was going to be ok. God would get us through.

Appointment after appointment, ultra sound after ultra sound, there Eric stood. Holding my hand. Protecting me. Assuring me that everything was going to be ok.

Fast forward 19 weeks. November 7, 2011. Delivery day. Our OBGYN chose to induce my labor. With the potential issues Eli was going to have, Dr. Riley wanted to be the one who delivered him. Just in case.

Thank God Dr. Riley was there. Our delivery was far from easy. There was a point we almost lost Eli. I will never forget the fear that shot through my body when the room suddenly filled with about 20 nurses and the delivery nurse threw an oxygen mask on my face. Something was clearly wrong with Eli. And there was my husband, remaining calm, holding my hand, drying the tears that were rolling down my face, and assuring me everything was going to be ok. God would take care of Eli.

Eric was right.

Everything is ok. Everything is ok because I have Eric. Through every appointment for Eli, my husband has been there. The rock of our family. The calm voice of reason. Our spiritual leader.

Our daughter Isabel asked my husband a really funny and telling question on Wednesday morning. She said, “When you go to work, are you really sneaking off to be a superhero?” It’s funny because what she doesn’t realize is, just because her Dad doesn’t wear a cape and fly through the air, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a real life superhero. Or maybe Isabel does realize her Dad is a superhero and that’s why she asked?

I get to wake up next to my superhero every morning. Our kids get tucked in every night by a superhero.

I can’t think of many things to say that you’ve done better with your life than to be a superhero to your wife and kids.

There is no doubt I am married to an amazing man. A superhero to be exact.


  1. This is very sweet, Heather. What a blessing to see how you and Eric have weathered Eli's health challenges together, all the while keeping your (and my) focus on the Lord. Many heart-filled wishes to you both for lots more happy birthdays!

  2. You are both such an inspiration to me! I'm so glad you found each other.