Advice to Parents

We don't want to be too presumptuous here at Faith, Feet, & Love (although we did just use the word "presumptuous" so we're not saying we're experts.  We're not even saying we know more than you do.  Odds are you know a lot.  But what we're saying is that these are the things that we found worked for us.  They're the things that grounded us.  The things that kept our marriage, our lives, and our sanity together. 

Faith, Feet, & Love has a ton of information on it.  But you can really find that information broken into 3 categories.  General Columns, Advice for Parents, and Dealing with Clubfoot.  This page helps you search for those specific pieces of advice.

Advice to Parents:

These are the things we wish someone would have told us.  Or if someone did tell us, these are the things we wished we would have listened to!  And trust us, these are the same feelings you'll have if you're dealing with clubfoot.  So check out our Advice to Parents.