Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Documentary About Clubfoot: The Footnote Film Project

One of the cool things about running a blog is all of the interesting people you get to meet.  We hear a lot from parents who are going through a similar journey, and experiencing the frustration, fears, and hope that come with a child with clubfoot.

While those conversations are always our favorite, sometimes other cool things happen.  Such as being contacted by The Footnote Film Project - a group of people who are making a documentary about the world wide treatment of clubfoot.

The treatment of clubfoot has come along way in even just the last 20 years.  But much of what is considered "normal" treatment of clubfoot in the United States isn't known / practiced around the world.  (And in some places it's not even treated that way in the United States.)  The Footnote Film Project hopes to help raise the awareness of how the type of treatment impacts the life of someone with clubfoot.

If you're interested in supporting The Footnote Film Project, you can visit their Fundly page for more information. Or watch the trailer below...


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