Friday, February 10, 2012

Some Things Can't Be Prepared For

There are some things that you just can’t be prepared for before you become a parent.  One of those is how much time you spend talking, analyzing, and thinking about poop.  That’s right.  You spend your entire life becoming a sophisticated traveler of the world.  You work your way up the career ladder.  You learn to (as the psychologists say) “self monitor” what comes out of your mouth.

Then you have a kid and spend most of the time talking about their bowel movements.
Ah progress!
Whether you’re prepared for this or not, one of the side effects we had with Eli was extreme constipation.  (He will love this blog post when he’s 16 and trying to get a date…)
We didn’t know how to deal with it other than, shall we say, let things work their course.  But towards the end of the casting phase (at about 8 weeks old) we discovered that he seemed unable to “work” out his uh…business, because he couldn’t bend his knees.
This led us to actually move his legs up and back as if he was doing little baby squats.
Now let me say this: I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV.  I don’t even have a cool looking lab coat.  All I can say is that this helped Eli a lot.  Especially when he was extra gassy. Is this all a result of the casts?   Or is it simply part of who Eli was, and it would have happened regardless?  Frankly I have no idea.
But for us, this helped make him a happier little pooper.  And really, isn’t that what life is about?
Well that, and the fact that in 18 years, his girlfriend is going to LOVE this post!

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