Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feelin’ the Love

With new babies come the unexpected. One of those “unexpected things” is just how little time you have to spend time with your spouse. Alone. Uninterrupted. Just the two of us. That happens with having any baby. But especially a baby born with health issues.

Eric and I have become so wrapped up in taking care of Eli, running him to the hospital, and trying to catch any sleep we can, that we haven’t had the time to spend just building into our marriage. That’s what made the Monday before Valentine’s Day so special.

It was such a wonderful surprise to come around the corner to find this:

What was written in that card is what made my heart skip a beat. “Tonight lets’ celebrate! I even got a babysitter!”

My super sneaky hubby arranged for a family friend to come over and watch the kiddos!! Be still my beating heart!

The entire night I walked around with a big knot in my throat, fighting back the happy tears.

We enjoyed dinner and drinks at J. Alexander’s. The food was delicious, the drinks were wonderful, but the best part was reconnecting with the man I love more than my words could ever define. It was then; I realized how much I have missed Eric. How much we have let our kids define our relationship. How important it is for parents to make time to work on their marriage, fight for their marriage, and invest in their marriage.

The hour and a half we spent at dinner was the best hour and a half I have had with my husband in months.

It is true what they say; having a child with medical problems does take its toll on a marriage. We are living it. But we also know what it takes to make it thrive. Surprise your spouse with a babysitter. Leave them a love note. Give them that extra kiss before they leave in the morning.

Break the monotony of ongoing stress, medical appointments, and taking care of the kids. Recharge your batteries by loving on each other. I guarantee you will be better parents because of it.

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