Friday, February 3, 2012

Having a Baby with Club Feet

There are few things worse in life than finding out there’s something wrong with your unborn child.  That’s where we found ourselves halfway through the pregnancy.  But the longer we were kept in the room after the first ultrasound, the more suspicious we became.  Eventually the doctor came in and said, “We believe your child has clubbed feet.”

In that moment time froze.  I still remember how silent everything felt. 

But that moment in time changed the course of our lives.  It made us struggle with what we believed.  How we would live.  And what mattered most to us. 

Out of that came the idea for this blog.  We wanted to create Faith, Feet, & Love as a way to help other parents cope with the same news we received.  (About 1/1000 babies is born with club foot.)  But we also found we needed a place to take action.  So much of caring for a baby with club feet is passive.  There’s not a whole lot to be done other than wait. 

So for our sanity, and hopefully yours, we present the lesson’s we’ve learned from a baby with club feet.  We invite you to join in the conversation, and share your stories too.

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