Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Back to Normal

This weekend, for the first time since Eli was born, I was able to get up in the morning and make breakfast for the family! Woohoo!! Once breakfast was on the table, I looked at Eric and said, "gosh it feels so good to be getting back to the good 'ol days!" Getting breakfast on the table was a huge sign for both of us to how far we have come.

The last 15 months have been grueling. Some days it felt as though we were merely surviving the day. Living for rest. Trying to man up through the heart ache just so we could try and get through yet another day. Praying the next day would be easier than the last.

Even poor Isabel was feeling the grind. It's been hard on everyone.

Eric, Isabel, and I were lucky enough to escape for some good 'ol family fun (minus munchkin man) thanks to my wonderful former mother in-law.  (Talk about God's sense of humor and the power of forgiveness.)

While we were walking into Kings Island, Isabel said to us, "having a little brother is hard... having a little brother with disabilities makes it much harder." I realized then just how hard the last 10 months have been on her.  Even with as much as Isabel loves her brother.
While we have been managing all of Eli's doctors appointments, trips to Children's Hospital, physical therapy appointments, Help Me Grow visits, & just trying to figure out how to be parents to a kid with a disability, Isabel has inadvertently taken the back seat for the last 10 months.

A day alone with Mom and Dad, riding roller coasters, was just what Isabel needed!

This is the look of a girl who is happy to be getting some undivided attention!

My baby is almost getting to big to carry! When did she grow up?!

After an awesome ride on the Racer!

A little nervous waiting in line for her first ride on the Vortex :)

We managed to get a smile out of her!

Smiling through the fear :)

She made it! And LOVED it!
All smiles today!!

We wrapped up the day with a surprise trip to Orange Leaf (I think I am going to get fat now after finding this little piece of heaven!) Thanks to my little sisters suggestion we all left with smiles on our face :)

It feels great to finally get out and have some fun again, to not be wrapped up in all of Eli's needs for a day (he is going to be OK if we lay off for a day lol ), and just have fun! I know this is something that the Barrett's need more of in their life :)

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