Monday, August 20, 2012

Eli's First Day at Kinder Care

Today was Eli's first day in daycare. Eric and I were both incredibly nervous. I woke up at 1:30 this morning, unable to sleep. The anticipation and nervousness was getting me.  I don't handle change well :) The whole drive out to the daycare I was fighting back the tears. You know the ones that make it hard to breathe. I just couldn't imagine how they were going to be able to handle Eli's needs.

Eric and I talked to several facilities and finally decided on Kinder Care in Blue Ash after our visit there. They really impressed us with their willingness to accommodate Eli's physical needs. They didn't even flinch when we asked them how they would handle his medical and physical needs. The best part about was, after talking to Eli's physical therapist, we found out she sends her kids to the same facility. She is going to be able to stop in and work with Eli in the mornings after she drops her kids off!

Totally. Awesome. Gods hands are all over this baby. I'm sure of it! Things like this are no coincidence.

Even with all the wonderful things we were hearing about Kinder Care, and knowing that Eli was going to continue to get physical therapy during the day while I was at work, all the what if's started rolling through my head. What if Eli freaks out and cries all day, what if they can't get his braces on right and they damage his feet, what if they leave him sit all day and he looses all the progress he has made all summer... what if, what if... I admit, it was a little crazy :)

Just got out of the car and looking brave :)

Ready to go in and not too sure about all of this! He looked how I was feeling lol

When Eli got up to the door to his classroom we were greeted by this:

My heart swelled! Something so simple made me feel so good inside :) They thought my baby was special enough to put a welcome sign on the door :) I gave the head teacher the crash course on Eli's braces and probably told them a million times to call me if they had any problems getting the braces on (poor ladies :))!

I swore I wasn't going to be "that mom" but there I was, being the overly protective, crazy lady in the room, lol.

I kissed my baby goodbye about ten times, walked out the door, and choked back the tears until I got in the car. Thank God for waterproof makeup :)

I managed to make it through the day without calling to check on the little man but as soon as the clock hit 3:30, I was out the door! I could not wait to see Eli!

I was greeted at the door by the head of the location and she told me that Eli had a good day. She said, he cried a bit and seemed to be missing us but that was to be expected. My heart broke :(

I finally got down to the classroom and burst in the door to see my little man. I was so excited to see his face when he saw me. What did I find? Eli fast asleep, in his accommodated crib (totally awesome!), with his braces perfectly on his feet! The head teacher in the room took the time to train everyone who would come in contact with Eli on how to put his braces on! I almost broke down right there! Eli really does have teachers who care about him. And really that all a parent wants for their kids right?

Here are a few pictures from the day:

So excited to have my baby back but he was more interested in looking at me than the camera :) I guess he did miss his momma :)

I know I am adorable Mommy!

Daddy and Eli
Eli has started climbing us these days lol
Eli LOVES his big sister!

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