Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers

We have an update on Eli, but first we wanted to say that God is awesome.  Leading up to Eli's doctor appointment we were worried about his fever.  So worried, we took him to his pediatrician who said that if Eli was still running a fever, he wouldn't be able to go to the ophthalmologist.

That was devastating news.  We were facing another medical crisis complicated by Eli's strange fevers.

So we did what we always do - reach out to a few people we know are willing to go to battle for Eli through prayer.  I'm thrilled to announce that Eli woke up fever free.  There's no other way to describe that than a miracle.  In all of the fevers Eli has had, this was the shortest one yet, and it broke in time for him to go visit the doctor.

Eli walking into the doctor's - a miracle by itself!

Consistently rated a top Doc.  Something we'd agree with!

The second part of our good news is that Eli got the best possible diagnosis he could have.  (Short of having nothing wrong!)  Like all things Eli, we won't know the full extent of Eli's eye problems for awhile. 

We do know a couple of things:

  1. His issues do not appear to be structural, which means it's most likely an issue with muscle tone and neurological development (in this case, this is good news.)
  2. It does, however mean that he will need to wear an eye patch for a few hours a day.  Sadly he's not allowed to wear a pirate eye patch.  So much for teaching him to talk like a pirate before kindergarten.  Instead he wears what is basically a band aid over his eye.  We also need to give him eye drops each morning to "strengthen" the eye muscles.  The doctor has warned us Eli will hate both of these things.  Which of course, makes us excited.
And hate them he does...

So what does this mean going forward:
  1. Pray for the eye drops to work.  There's a chance that eye drops will be enough to solve Eli's problems.  If not, we're looking at long-term use of glasses and likely surgery.  That's not a route we'd like to go down.  We really believe God can perform a miracle on this.
  2. Pray for our endurance.  This is a 6 year process.  On top of another 3 years of braces, we're not looking forward to this.  It's a lot to subject Eli too, and it's a lot to have to endure as parents. 
  3. Pray for Eli's health.  Eli's had it rough in his 18 months.  Now he's got to be poked and prodded on both his head and his feet.  Please pray for continued health for him (and us!).  The next thing to go (location wise) would be his middle, and NO ONE wants to be on the business end of Eli's butt. 
Superman has a fortress of solitude - Eli has a "cave of TV's"
Overall this visit went about as well as we could have expected.  Which is frankly unusual for us.  But we're tired of all of this, as is Eli.  Yet when I look back on the last 2 years, I'm struck by the perspective all of this has given us.  It makes Heather and I appreciate one another, our family, and our friends more.  It also lets us see the world very differently when we get to see - no depend upon - God's grace on a daily basis.  

I'm reminded of what Paul said in the midst of being in prison and beaten: "We rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering brings perseverance; perseverance character and character hope."

Heather and I understand this more than we'd like.  But it also let's us see God's mercy and love in a very personal way.  It's that closeness that truly changes us.

And that's a good thing.


  1. You guys are a complete inspiration to us. I know it's so hard to have uncertainties and not really understand why, but I just want you to know that your story unfolding is my inspiration to keep my trust and faith in God. I don't like to think that He purposely puts us through difficult situations to just try our strength, but so that in some way we might be able to inspire and be a light to others. YOU GUYS are that light. Thank you for trusting the Lord, and sharing your lives through your blog!

    1. Thanks Anna. We definitely don't feel like much of an inspiration! Some days we consider it a "Win" just getting everyone showered! That said, looking back over the last 20 months, there is no doubt that God has put into place a lot of things that helped us (and Eli) make it through all of this. There are way too many "coincidences" for any other explanation! Both Heather and I realize there was no doing this without God.

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