Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Miracles :)

Earlier this month, Eli had an appointment with his Urologist. Our pediatrician had some concerns from our last check up that, worst case scenario, would involve a pretty terrible surgery, and lots of long term care. We were a nervous wreck. So, once again, we found ourselves gearing up for a full day at Children's hospital for a day of testing and praying for yet another miracle!

I love Crayons!

Such a big boy sitting in the chair!

I really hate this room Daddy!

Can't thye leave my kidneys alone already?!

My handsome men :)

Future Picasso?
After waiting (for what seemed like forever) for the ultrasound tech to get back from talking to the doctor, we were dismissed :)

Fortunately, the scheduling department was able to get us in for an appointment later that same day to go over the results of the testing.

Waiting on the Urologist with our matching spikes in our hair :)
We greeted by the Urologist with a smile (which is ALWAYS a good sign!). He was happy to report that the condition of Eli's kidney's are not getting any worse, and that there was no additional swelling!! Woohoo! Eli has developed a cyst on one of his kidneys however, the doctor doesn't see any need to treat it at this point.

Please continue to pray for his kidney's, that they continue to improve, and we can be discharged from the Urologists care :) We would love to knock one more specialist off our ever growing list :)

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