Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eli's Second Pair of Dobb's Braces

It's hard enough to believe that Eli is one.  It's even harder to believe he's out grown his first set of braces.  But there we were, back in the room that started it all.

Poor thing looks so nervous :( he hates this place as much as I do!

The casting material

It's kind of sad to say good bye to the baby braces :( My little man is growing up!

It's best to feed Eli during casting to prevent screaming and figiting!

They put on a protective "sock" to keep the casting material from getting all over Eli's legs and a white smock for Daddy. You wouldn't believe how sticky that stuff is... and impossible to get off clothes!

THis kids is always eating :) And we wonder why he is so big?!

Pretty handy little contraption to prevent kids from getting cut huh?!
They make ends of the casts longer than the actual foot to make sure the AFO's have room for growing :)

After two "short" weeks we were able to pick up these beauties!

This time the brace shop gave us a choice on color. Good bye hospital white!
Eli seems to like this set much more than the last pair. I don't know if he is happy to have a more manly black brace (hahaha) or if it's because the doctors prescription called for the braces to finally start turning his feet to a more normal angle (35 degrees rather than the 70 he was at before). Whatever the reason we are thrilled!  mostly because Eli has almost started to sleep through the night! And who doesn't love a full night of sleep?!


  1. I've said this before but this blog has been such an inspiration and support for my husband and I. If you ever do more guest posts, I would love to contribute! I feel like part of the reason we were blessed with our Hudson was to share our story with others to provide understanding and comfort, like you have for us. :)

  2. Anna, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It's so nice to hear that we are helping people :). We would love to have you write a guest post any time. Just shoot me an email with the post and we will get it up :.) My email is mrs.heatherbarrett@gmail.com. I can't wait to see some pictures of sweet Hudson! As we both know, kids with clubfoot are the most adorable :)