Friday, August 17, 2012

Sophie the Giraffe

As many of you know, Eli has been sick, very sick for the last two weeks. Between the ear infection, bladder infection, a few crazy viruses, and this rash, it's been quite the miserable week!

Poor little miserable man

covered head to toe :(

This week, finally, Eli started to feel better, had finished both rounds of antibiotics, and act a little bit more like himself :) I decided that would be a really good idea for Eli and I to get out of the house for a bit to do a little back to school shopping while his sister was with her Dad for the week. After all, let's be honest, shopping for a 7 year old is so much easier when they aren't with you! Ha!

Our first stop was Pottery Barn Kids. As I am looking through all their super cute Halloween items, I look down and noticed Eli had swiped a Sophie off  the strategically stroller height basket. Not only had he swiped it, he was drooling all over it!

I have heard that kids LOVE Sophie the Giraffe, but at a $23.50 price tag, she isn't really a cheap chew toy! Eli apparently was no exception!

Kids love me :)

Feeling a little sorry for my recovering baby and considering Eli had claimed Sophie as his own by spreading his drool all over it, I went ahead and bought it. Luckily, I had a PBK gift card in my wallet and only had to pay a few dollars difference and Daddy didn't have to suffer sticker shock heart failure :)

Thankfully, Eli still loves Sophie and everything else he has swiped off shelves at other stores. I guess our little man just knows what he likes!

So we want to know, have your kids ever taken things off store shelves that you were later forced to buy?

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