Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Standing Around

We've had some good news in the last week or so - Eli has started to stand on his own.  He's not completly ready to do any rock climbing or anything.  But he's pretty comfortable wobbling in place.

Frankly it's amazing.  Only 7 weeks ago Eli couldn't even sit up! 

The doctors assured us that Eli would be able to walk, but in part of our hearts, both Heather and I wondered if we'd ever reach that stage.  Obviously that wasn't a rational thought, but when your kid's feet are as deformed as his were, I'd be lying to say if that fear wasn't in the back of our minds.

So this week, Heather and I are just celebrating that Eli is doing so well.  

I'm rockin' the Tom Cruise look, because my parents forgot my pants

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