Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Better or Worse... In Sickness & Health

Today, Eric and I celebrate our second anniversary! Sometimes it is hard to remember that we have only known each other for 4 years... It feels like we have been together forever! 

When we took our vows, admittedly, I had no practical, real understanding, what they really meant for our lives.  I has no idea before we even hit our first anniversary we would be putting those promises we made to each other and God to the test.

Our vows have been tried and tested over and over again this last year. It has forced us  to reach deeper, hold tighter, and love each other more. We have read that some marriages crumble under the stress of dealing with a child with a disability or a sick family member. Eric and I were determined not to let that be our fate. Instead we chose to lean into God and our community to help us carry the burden because we knew there was no way we could handle this ourselves.

Because of everything we have gone through with Eli I love Eric more today than I did the day we got married. I love him more deeply than I could even have imagined. He is an amazing man, loving husband and father, and the spiritual leader for our family.

There is no way I could have ever survived this last year with anyone else. Eric is the rock of our family and the one true love of my life.

What are our goals for year 3 of our marriage?

I think this sums it up ;o) hahaha

Just because it's fun, (and who doesn't love to look at wedding pictures!), I'll end this post a few images from our day captured by our photographer, Jacalyn owner of JMM Photography.

Thanks Steph for your help on my shoes! Bejeweling is hard work but totally worth it! I love the way they turned out!

Cheers to a happy and wonderful marriage!

My daughter, Isabel

Eric doesn't look nervous at all...

The all important vows
Pronounced husband and wife! I'm not sure who the happiest person in this picture is?! LOL
All marriages should start with a dip ;o)
I'm not excited or anything ;o)

Love my hubby's ring! Totally perfect!

The Entourage

I was like this all night. Eric said I needed a grin-ectomy! LOL
Great way to start a marriage... Whacking your new hubby with a light saber!

My husband, hands down, the undefeated, Car Bomb champion!

My new family
My family :0

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  1. Great post! Happy anniversary to you both; I love what you said about your vows. I've always thought it was odd that so many people tell newlyweds that the first year is the "hardest" because I don't think it's good advice.

    Rather, I think we should tell them that there will be a hardest year--it will come out of nowhere and knock you on your behind. It will test you and threaten to break you. But surviving means being stronger and better than before; we all have a "hardest" year and it's not always the first year and there isn't necessarily just one...but it will show you what you're made of.

    Clearly the two of you have survived and realize the blessing those tests can be for your relationship. Happy anniversary!