Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Been 4 Years...

Today marks the four year anniversary of one of the best days of me & my daughters lives. The day my daughter & I were dressed as princesses, doing laundry in the basement of our apartment complex, when we would run into the handsome man from the parking lot.

Anyone who knows Isabel, knows she doesn't know a stranger and is anything but shy. This day was no exception. And I was SO embarrassed dressed like a princess and all! Isabel walked up to Eric and said, "Hi I'm Isabel, this is Mommy. What's your name?" The conversation continued through a full cycle of laundry. And so the story begins...

My daughter opened the door to some of the best 4 years of our life. 3 days later we went on our first date in Newport, KY.

This was no ordinary first date... The conversation on this first date went much deeper than the usual  first date conversation. We talked about our faith, God, and hopes for the future of our families. God's finger prints were all over this date. I had never ever talked to anyone about my faith or God. Much less to a guy, on a first date, that I was hoping to be in a relationship with. But the words just popped out of my mouth easier than any other words I had ever spoken. The conversation was unlike any I had ever had. And I knew, I was in love.

Two years later to the date Eric and I closed on our first home. A few weeks later, we were married.

I believe, even in the first moments of our meeting, God had his hands all over our relationship. He had a perfect plan for us. God gave me the perfect mate to face the challenges that would come our way with Eli.

I could not imagine getting through clubfoot with anyone else! God truly does have the perfect plan for our family and when things get difficult, as they often do going through treatment for clubfoot, I have to remember all God has given us, all we have been through, and that God has always pulled us through the seemingly impossible.

God gave me an amazing, strong, man of God to walk by my side and hold me up.  I am forever grateful for that day in the laundry room when our lives changed forever.

I love you babe. Thank you for doing your laundry on a random Wednesday, in the middle of the afternoon ;o) Four years later, and I am almost over the embarrassment. HA!

My one year house-iversary gift :)

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